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Automatic Food & Water Dispenser

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You don't need to worry about starvation or thirst of your pet anymore!

Our Pet Automatic Feeding Dispenser combination suit use high-quality material-BPA free, food-grade plastic material, non-toxic no strange smell, please feel free to use; 100% new material, thick texture, durable, recyclable. The cat and dog feeding tools made of such materials are the most suitable for pets and the most reassuring. The water feeder can hold one gallon of water, and it is recommended to change it once a week. 

The Large Capacity Food Water Dispenser consists of two parts, one is the container, the other is the base. The combination of the two is very convenient. The first step is to find the safety knob at the bottom of the container, and then find the suitable diameter at the top of the base and insert the safety knob into the base. When rotated at the right angle, the container and the substrate will be tightly bonded. Open the lid of the container and pour food or drinking water into it.

Both the cat-and-dog feeding and water feeding systems use an automatic treatment system, which means that the whole system can be operated without manual operation or power supply, as long as the internal structure is not blocked. This Auto Gravity Food Feeder reduces a lot of extra troubles for people, and provides convenience for feeding cats and dogs.

What are the benefits of Automatic Food & Water Dispenser?

✅High quality PP material, durable and smooth.

✅The lid is removable, so it is easy to replenish food or water and clean it.

✅The non-slip bottom is stable and easy for pets to eat.

✅Using gravity design, automation, no electricity, very safe.

✅The water dispenser and feeder are together, water and food can be fed in the same way, which is simple and convenient.


Notice :  Everyone likes fresh food, please keep the right amount of food to prevent go stale, which depending on the local temperature.

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