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Cat Scratcher Ball

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Finding the right cat scratching toys can help save your furniture from your cat's claws.

It's no secret that cats of any age love to sink their claws into anything they can get their paws on. Without the right toys, this usually means they'll scratch your sofa, table legs, doors, and curtains. Investing in toys and activities that keep them busy and allow them to satisfy their need for scratching typically does the trick. Luckily, we've got the perfect Solid Wood Cat Scratcher that your cat will adore scratching instead of your furnishings. 

Entertain your cat and protect your furniture with the Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher Ball. The rotating sisal ball will become your cats’ most favorite toy. While satisfying their instinct of scratching, it also keeps your expensive furniture free from cats’ claws. The climbing frame is made of wood, suitable for various places. Sturdy construction avoids tipping and shaking, provides reliability and stability while cats stretching their bodies and playing the ball. 

Our natural sisal fabric cat scratching ball is designed to keep your cat healthy and preoccupied. It will satisfy your cats’ needs to get through the hole, to climb and sharpen claws at the same time. The Durable Cat Scratcher is made of natural and eco-friendly materials including wood and sisal rope, stable and durable for cats to play. It's a great cat scratcher for them to exercise with and practice their mobility.


  • Material: Wood

Why Is Our Cat Scratcher Ball Suitable for you?

The solid wood base of the cat scratcher toy is for hanging the sisal ball, standing stably, and being not easy to pour down.

It can keep cats safe when they are playing with this pet toy.

The wood cat scratcher toy is interesting for cats and kittens. 

 The rolling ball will attract the cat's attention, and it will enjoy playing with the pet toy. 

You can put this cat scratching toy with the ball in the living room, porch, and other places, which can protect your furniture from cat scratches.

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